Top 10 website builder’s advantages

You are probably reading this article, in search for all the options you have to start your new website. Hire a software company or a freelancer? Create it yourself? If so, what website building platform is the best to use? There are many options…
Give us a minute to tell you about Webstrian – the NEW website building platform on the Internet.
We intentionally highlight the word ‘new’ because we have used the latest proven coding technologies to bring you next generation websites with stable and lightning-fast performance.

There are many plus sides why to use Webstrian, but here are our TOP 10.
  1. Creative freedom to decide the look and feel of your website
    Imagine how you want your new website to look and craft it with Webstrian. Just take the control of the overall design in your hands and you’ll see how easy it has become to have a professional looking website. You don’t need any technical skills: with a drag-and-drop you can rearrange all the page elements, you can add/edit the text directly on your website, just like using a word processing document and you can upload your website photos as easy as changing a profile photo on your social pages.  
  2. Multilingual websites
    We know that English is not the only language in the world, so we made sure you’ll be able to translate your website on as many languages as you wish. Just choose a default language and then translate your site, so your readers can surf it on the language they want.  
  3. Constant software updates for free
    Starting a site with Webstrian means that you’ll get constant software updates for free. We’ll make sure that your website will run smoothly in 5 years from now when all the browsers and platforms will probably change in their core. On the top of that, you will constantly get new features and modules as Webstrian grows.  
  4. Customer support to guide you every step of the way
    You can use Webstrian intuitively from day one. We strongly believe in that. The platform is so easy-to-use that you can manage everything on your own. Surely, you can read some tips & tricks in our Help Center and fine-tune your website. And if you need a helping hand for anything, just contact our Customer Support Center and our team will guide you every step of the way.  
  5. Affordable choices
    It’s more affordable to have your site on Webstrian than to pay some software company to do it from scratch. You’ll avoid paying full website price, monthly hosting fees and all the expenses for the website updates.  With Webstrian you’ll get great monthly plans and discounts for all of that and for so much more. Try Webstrian 15 days for free and then choose the package that fits your needs the most.  
  6. New design every time you switch your template
    You may start with one design when choosing your site and change it later with a new template.
    It’s easy, it’s free and you will instantly get a new website design, without losing any of your website content. It will be just re-arranged differently, according to the chosen design.
    Refresh your website design from time to time to bring your readers a new browsing experience. 
  7. Mobile and tablet optimization
    Today we browse the net through our mobile phones, phablets, tablets, laptops - just name it! Webstrian will optimize your site automatically for all the screen sizes and it will create a smooth browsing experience for all your readers. You won’t need to create 2 or 3 website versions, one is enough when your site is smart enough to rearrange and resize itself to fit on every screen.  
  8. Free hosting
    One of the advantages of using Webstrian is that you’ll get a free hosting included in your monthly/yearly plan. You won’t have to worry about all the technical issues that will come if you host it on your own, you won’t have to make back-ups, software upgrades or any updates.We will take care about everything and not only that! We will host your site not on one server, but across our entire server infrastructure. This means that your pages will load fast and that your website will be reliable and stable. Your visitors will browse it smoothly without any interruptions.  
  9. Free subdomain and free support when adding a custom domain
    You can start your site with a free subdomain of and cut your website expenses.
    If you prefer a custom domain, instead of, you can buy it at any domain register and we’ll link it for free with your Webstrian website.  
  10. SEO ready websites
    Every website needs visitors and Webstrian will guide them to you. Yes, our platform is built by all the available SEO rules, so your site will rank high on Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines. We’ll also give you the best tools to boost your SEO such as: meta keywords, meta tags, user-friendly URLs etc. Together we can make Google and all the other search engines to love your site.

Webstrian has many more advantages and you can find them all here.

If you are already sure that you want Webstrian as a platform for your site – get started here.


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