Webstrian platform offers you two ways to add blog posts: 

1. Through the left administrative menu with click on "Blog -> Add new blog post".

2. Through the element that displays the blog posts. To reach this element, open the page with the blog posts and move the mouse over the element. From the options bar that will appear, click on the "Add blog post" link.

In both cases the page for editing the post will be opened. Here you need to do the following: 

- In the "Title" field enter the title of your blog post.

- In the "Media" field add a picture (preferably with dimensions 750x400 px) or add a video.

- In the "Content" field enter your text, and edit it with the available tools.

- In the "Tags" field enter keywords for the article. They will be visible to your website visitors in order to help them search for other articles with similar content, i.e. when they click on a keyword (tag), the system will display a list of posts with the same keyword (tag). They are also important for your website SEO (the search engine optimization).

- Click on the"Add/remove related blog posts" link if you have already written a post with a similar topic to the post that you are adding. A new window will be opened where you need to select the related posts. Click on the "Close" button and the selected posts will be automatically added as related to the post that you are currently writing.

- If you want the post to appear on the top of your blog, then mark the "Featured” check box at the right panel.

- If you want the post to appear in the "Popular posts" category, then mark the check box "Popular" at the right administrative panel.

- The short content of the blog post is a must and you should write it in the "Short content" field that can be found at the right administrative panel.

- Fill in the remaining fields at the right administrative panel such as: system name, meta description, meta keywords, the category in which you want the post to belong and then click the " Save" button to add the post.