On the pages of your website you can add all the elements that can be found in the "Add element" panel. In this panel you will find elements for adding texts, images, videos, audios, image galleries, animated and simple icons, maps, forms, languages, separators, blog posts, news, etc. To add an element to your web page, you should do the following:

  1. Enter into your admin panel.

  2. In the left administrative menu click on "Pages->All Pages" and open the web page you want to edit.

  3. On the page click on any "Add element" link. These links are deployed everywhere across the page that you are editing.

  4. This will open the panel "Add element" that will show all the elements that you can add on the page. Click on the element you want to add, fill in the empty fields that will appear for the selected element and confirm adding by pressing the "OK" button. After this, the element will be placed on your web page.

Click here to view the page elements that can be added to the web pages.