The newsletters are a tool of Webstrian that allows you to collect e-mails from your visitors and notify them later about events of their interest. For example, your visitors may want to be notified about your new products, new services, discounts or promotional offers. All of this can be achieved through the element "Subscribe form".

The subscribe functionality has two components:

  • Element for collecting e-mails: subscribe form

  • Administrative part that provides an overview of the registered e-mails, sent e-mails to the registered visitors and categorization of the subscribed emails.

In order to set up a subscription form on your website, you need to do the following: 

1. First, you will need to set one or more categories for the subscriptions. The categories will allow you to organize the registered emails depending on the interests of the visitors. For example, perhaps a part of the visitors will want to receive email notifications for the new products, and others for the discounts and promotions. The categories are associated with the subscribe forms, so the collected emails via the forms will be divided into appropriate categories. To set the categories for the subscriptions you have to click "Subscribed emails -> Subscription categories” in the left administrative menu.

2. Add the element for email subscription on the web page. To do this, open the page on which you want to add this form, click on the link "Add element" and then select "Subscribe form." Most often this element is placed into the footer of the website, but you can add it anywhere you want on the page.

3. After the element is added to the page, it will be shown with predefined text and options that you can edit by clicking on the "Options" link. It will open a new window through which you can change the settings for the form according to your needs.

After you collect emails from your visitors, you can send them email notifications. To do this, click on the left administrative menu "Subscribed emails -> Send email".  On the page that will be opened, select the category of subscribers, enter your email address, the title and the content of the message that you want to send. Click on the “Send” button and the newsletter will be sent to the all the email addresses from the selected category.