Add meta description and meta keywords

Meta description and meta keywords are very important for the ranking of your website higher in the Google results and the results of the other Internet search engines. We recommend that you add them to all web pages that you create for your website. Meta keywords are the words that describe the content of your web page. Meta description is the text that explains the web page and it appears in the search results of Google and the other search engines, just below the link of your website. To add meta keywords and meta descriptions, you should do the following:

1. Click on the "Page attributes" link located at the bottom right of your administrative menu. This will open a window with options to edit the attributes of the web page. You can acces this window also through the top (black) menu, positioned centrally on the page editor, by clicking the "Page attributes" link.

2. In the window that will be opened, fill in the fields "meta keywords" and "meta description".

To help you how to fill out these fields, we would like to give you an example of how they would be filled if you would create a website for a travel agency. In that case, the meta keywords that you should enter are: arrangements, travel, vacation, holidays, summer, winter, vacations, Italy, Spain, Portugal, affordable, offers, apartments, accommodation, hotels etc.

Basically, the meta keywords are those words that users would type in the search box of Google and the other search engines to find what they are interested in.

The meta description should contain up to 350 characters in order to explain the web page. For the example above, the meta description would be "The most affordable offers this summer for Italy, Spain and Portugal! Large offer of private and hotel accommodations, with prices starting from 150 euros."