The Header menu is made from two components – Top (Small) Header and Main Header.

In the Top (Small) Header you can put your most important information – like contact info, language options, login link etc. The Main Header is typically composed of logo and main navigation menu. When you start with any Webstrian design, the Header menu will be visible on all of your pages by default. You can edit the Header menu with your details, delete a part of the header or just hide it on those pages that you don’t want to be visible.


With Webstrian you can add as many languages as you want on your website. We recommend you to place this element on the Top (Small) website header.


The Footer, placed on the bottom of your pages, is a default element that comes with every Webstrian design. Here you can enter your contact info, most important links, your newsletter subscription form or any other leading website information.
You can edit the default Footer elements or delete them and start from scratch. If you think that you don’t need Footer on your website, just hide it with click on the footer option icon.