Use the Google map element on your website to share your location with your readers. Webstrian gives you the freedom to choose the map size, control the zoom, the alignment and so much more.

Contact form

Add a Contact Form and tell your website visitors that you are really listening. To set up the Contact Form just enter a valid e-mail address where your visitors can reach you.  Webstrian will automatically create a Contact form, protected with a Captcha code.

Subscribe form

Build a base of subscribers and update them regularly with your latest news. To configure this functionality you have to mark the 'Subscription emails' page positioned at the left menu on your admin panel. You can add more than one subscription form on your website and categorize all your subscribers. This will allow you to send one type of newsletters to one group and another type to another group. You will also have full control over the layout, alignment and the message of the subscription form.