You can add testimonials of your satisfied customers on the following way:

1. Through the left administrative menu, click on the "Testimonials -> Add new testimonial" menu item (Method 1), or when you are in the page editor - click on the link "Add element -> Testimonials". This will open the options window for the testimonials. You can open this window with a click on the edit link placed on the right of the element’s menu bar (Method 2).

Method 1
Method 2
Mode 2

2. From the "Language" options select the language for the testimonial. This is in case if there are multiple languages defined for your website. If your website is shown only in one language, then ignore this setting.

3. Into the "System name" text field enter the so called “system name” for the testimonial. This name will be visible only in your admin panel and will not be shown to the visitors of your website. You need the system name in order to make a distinction between the testimonials and easily find them through the system.

4. In the "From" text field enter the name of the satisfied user/client who gave testimonial about your services or products.

5. In the "Content" text field enter the statement of your satisfied customer/client.

6. Click "OK" to add the testimonial to your website.

7. To add more testimonials which will rotate, move the mouse over the "Testimonials" element placed on the web page. From the element menu click on the "Add" link placed on the upper left corner. This will open the window with options from where you can add new testimonial.

8. To change already added testimonial, move the mouse over the testimonial element and click on the "Edit" link placed on the element’s menu. This will open the list of the testimonials from where you can select and edit any testimonial.