Adding space between the elements will help you separate the elements from one another to get more visually "clean" and more readable web pages.

To add a space between the elements you need to do the following:

1. Click on the "Add element" link placed between the elements you want to separate.

2. Click on the second tab - the "Layout" tab in the window that will be opened.

3. Click the "Blank separator" element and the element will be placed on the web page.

4. Hover the mouse over the element and drag the handle up or down to adjust the space between the elements.

Important: The “Blank separator” element can leave space above and below the elements. If you want to place the elements to each other and to adjust the space on the left / right of them, then you need to put the elements into columns using the “Resizable columns” element and then adjust the space between the columns.