To add the "Popular news articles" section, you need to select a two columns structure for your news page, or you need to split your news page into columns. Find out how to do it in "Split page into columns".

Once you divide the news page into columns, set the "Popular news posts" section as follows: 

1. Click on the "Add element" link in one of the columns. These types of sections are most often placed in the right column.

2. The window with all the elements will be opened. Click on the third tab "Blog and news" and then select the "Popular news posts" element. The popular news section will appear on your page and it will display all the news articles that you have marked as "popular" automatically.

- To mark an article as popular, check the "popular" box located at the right administrative menu when you write the article.

3. If you want to add a title above the section, such as "Popular" or "Popular news", then add the title element by clicking the links "Add element -> Title".