Webstrian allows you to translate your website in one or more languages. To add a new language, you need to do the following:

  • First, ​​you should set a new language for the website through the administrative panel.

  • Second, you need to place the element for language selection in the website header.

The above can be accomplished by performing the following steps:

1. Add a new language on the website through the left administrative menu by selecting "System -> Languages ​​-> All languages". Then, at the top menu click on the "Add new language" link. 

2. At the administrative page for adding new languages, select the language that you want to be shown. All languages supported by the system are listed in the drop down menu from which you can select the new language. Then, select the "Is published" option that defines the visibility of the new language in the language elements. Then, enter the ordinal number for the language you added. Finally, click the "Save" button to save your changes.

3. Go to the left menu and click on the “All languages” link to go back to the all defined languages. Here you can select which language is set as the default for your website i.e. the primary language shown to your visitors on the website.

4. Add the language element on the public part of the website. Through this element your visitors will be able to choose the language on which they want your website to be displayed. We recommend you to place this element in the top header. It’s best to divide the top header into few columns and in one of them to add the element for the languages. To do this, click on the "Add element" link and select the "Languages ​​and currencies" element.

5. In the options window, mark the “Show languages dropdown menu” option and choose the alignment for the element: left, central or right. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Once you add a new language to the system, you have to translate the existing web pages to the new language. In the right administrative panel you will find a drop-down menu - "Current display language". Here you can choose the language on which you want to edit the page.

By changing the language in this menu, the system will display the page in the selected language. If there is no translation of the page yet, the system will display a window through which you can make the translation. It will give you another option as well - to choose whether you want to transfer the elements of the current page into the new one that you are translating.