1. Click on the "Add element" link that is placed across the pages of your website while you are in the administrative panel.

2. From the "Add element" window, select the “Gallery" element.

3. This will display a new window - "Add/Edit gallery images". Click on the "Add image" button located at the top of the window. This will display a box where you can add your image. You can add as many photo boxes as you want to create your gallery.

4. Double click on the picture box and the "Images" window will be opened where you can find an overview of all your added images. Select from them or add new ones through the "My Computer" button that can be found at the top of the window.

5. Click on the "My Computer" button and a new window will be opened. From this window you can browse your computer to select the image you want to add. Click on the image twice or select the image and then click the "Open" button. With this, the image will be added to the media gallery of Webstrian.

6. Double click on the image (or click once on it to select it and then click on the "OK" button) to add it to the gallery.

7. If you want to add a title to the image, move the mouse over the image to open the menu with additional options. Click on the letter "A" from the menu and the text box for adding title will be shown.

8. The order of the images in the gallery can be changed by clicking on the “left” and “right” arrows that are placed and displayed above each image when the mouse is over the image.

9. If you want to delete the image that you have already added to the gallery, move the mouse on the image to open the menu with the additional options. On the right side of this menu, you will see a "Basket" icon. Click on that icon and the image will be deleted.

10. When you are finished with adding images to the gallery, press on the "OK” button and the gallery will be placed on the web page, just below the clicked “Add element” link.