1. Click on the "Blog -> Blog categories" in the left administrative menu.

2. A new page will be opened with a list of all your blog categories. Initially, you will see the predefined categories of the website you have chosen. Here you can delete the ones that you don’t need. To delete a category, click with the mouse on a category and then press the "Delete item" button located in the upper part of the page. Add your new categories by clicking on the "Add item" button located under the list of the categories.

3. In the "Category details” enter the following information:

- From the "Language" drop down menu select the language on which the post will be published. If your website doesn’t contain other languages, then here only the default website language will be displayed.

- In the "System name" field enter the so called “system” name for the category. This name will be visible only to you and it will help you manage the blog more easily in your system.

- In the "Title" field enter the title for the category. This title will be displayed on the pages of your website and it will be visible to your website visitors. The system name and the title of the category may or may not necessarily be the same.

- From the "Parent category" select "Root" if you are creating a category that will be displayed on the first level. If the category that you are creating will be nested into other category as subcategory, then from the drop down menu select the parent category.